8 mars, 2011

Body Fusion Solution


Projet de design spéculatif.
Conception d’un projet présidentiel planétaire pour 2032, par les candidats Cristina Maria Dos Santos et Cassandre Poirier-Simon. Élection par les citoyens, puis mise au point d’une vidéo expliquant les changements apportés par un tel projet : la colocation de chaque corps en circulation par trois vies.

[english version]
Speculative design project.
Conception of a planetary presidential project for 2032, by the candidates Cristina Maria Dos Santos and Cassandre Poirier-Simon. Election by the citizens, then realization of a video clip explaining the changes brought about by a such project: the sharing of each living body by three lives.

« Citizens of the world, we see you tired, overwhelmed, discouraged. We are currently 7.8 billion human beings on earth, it is expected that we are 9 billion in 2050. You smother. Living with your neighbors becomes difficult. It is difficult to get a place. The various governments that succeeded the great crisis of 2020 have attempted to solve these problems, do not blame them, the task was difficult and they failed.
We have a solution that would be ideal. A solution that, by arranging the whole world, solve problems of unemployment, transportation, hunger, overcrowding, we even offer a new life to the unfortunate handicapped, those who are not satisfied with their body, a solution, finally To all the problems of overpopulation. We really believe this change will lead people to democracy, to learn to share, to belittle their egos, to organize a community, typically values that seem essential for a peaceful society and generous.

Since 2011, we have deciphered the human genome.
Thanks to huge investments in molecular biology, today, we know exactly how 10 000 genes works in the organism and its different types of molecular interaction.
The information technology has exploded and has grown enormously in the development of structures of complex systems to the development of the neural computer. (photo)
Ultimately, the mystery of the complexity of life itself has been found.
In partnership with the EPFL research center located in Switzerland, we developed the Psychée, an organic chip built with living neurons.
These Psychées are built from information from our own neurons, it means that our brain can be transported to a chip and several chips implanted in a body. One person leads the body inside his head while others may go to sleep. This person can have 1 day in three for himself.

Also our party Body Fusion Solution or BFS brought together the best professionals in each field to create 6 different ministries in the governnement. And now we present to you the ministry of education, health, labor, finance, social cohesion and environment. »

Lors d’un workshop avec James Auger et Jimmy Loizeau

presentation du programme en format pdf, qui nous a permis d’être élues et de concrétiser ce projet