26 novembre, 2016

CERN #5 Ideas storming

After the first meetings in CERN, my ideas and fields of interest are the following for the moment :

1. To take the schema of CERN accelerator complex and follow those paths to make a non-linear book/game.

2. To propose a particle’s imaginary (there is a space imaginary, why not for the « micro space »?)

3. To reuse the collision’s data to generate poems or pictures, for example thanks to http://opendata.cern.ch/education

4. The elasticity of space and time really interest me (research by an individual vs global research, discoveries’ acceleration and deceleration, spending a lot of time studying a micro-second event, etc) and I want to adapt it to a narrative point of view (inspiration first came from Gavin Salam)

What intrigued me or made me think :

– The fact of sending an experience in space without the possibility to access it afterwards (AMS experience).

– All the energy that seems to be lost in CERN (the heat at the end of a proton’s trajectory, the heat of the GRID, the cold of the magnets, etc)

– The precision of handling and leading protons to where the scientists want… More impressive than trains!

– The big datas that will explode in four years and the volunteer computing.

– The representation’s problem of the invisible things and invisible events. How a picture in an electron microscope is done? => reality & representation’s problematic