5 décembre, 2016

CERN #7 Week 14-18 November

This is my first week at CERN. After the weekly meeting with Maria Dimou, Juliàn Calò, coordinator of Arts At CERN, organized a meeting with Oliver Keller.

I met Oliver in the S’Cool LAB office. He develops educational interfaces, like the iPadPix, a device to plug on an iPad that makes radioactivity visible. For example, the Geiger counter allows us to have an idea of the quantity of radioactivity through sound, but with the iPadPix, we can have more data. Of course, we can only see representations of the radioactive particles, but, still, it is very beautiful to see them emerge from objects in front of us. The case that works basically like this (Oliver, correct me if I’m wrong!):

I find the devices he is conceptualizing really interesting.

See more about S’Cool LABThe thesis of Oliver Keller about the iPadPixAnd a publication of 5 pages, that summarizes the thesis, “iPadPix—A novel educational tool to visualise radioactivity measured by a hybrid pixel detector”See more about the TimePix sensor used by Oliver