7 janvier, 2017

CERN #13 Week 12-16 December

LEIR, PS and XBOXes (not the game console)

Building 233/234.

Following our first visit at LEIR with Sophia Bennett, photographer at CERN, she took an appointment with somebody who could explain us more what they are doing here.

Antiproton Decelerator, AEGIS, ELENA and others

Building 193, Meyrin.

The organization of the whole building here made me really think of a theater’s backstage. There is footbridges, platform opening view to the different levels, lights making appear tiny spaces, long and narrow corridors, etc.

In this building there are different experiments lead on the same Antiproton Decelerator. Michael Doser guided Maria and me and explained the AEGIS experience (trying to understand gravity) on which he is currently working. This time I began the record of the explanations given to me by the physicists. If I need them, one day, when I’ll forgot all of this, they’ll be there…


Building 2285, Prevessins-Moëns

ALICE’s building was also like a big theater, far higher than the AD one, because of ALICE’s dimensions. Despina Hatzifotiadou, from ALICE outreach department, guided me through the green footbridges all around big red ALICE. I also have records of all the explanations.